There is a current issue to do with VAT which has been foisted upon us by the EU and which could have far reaching effects on any small business which sells products and services over the Internet.  It is known by the name of a (partial) solution which HMRC came up with to minimise the impact on small businesses – “VATMoss”. The issue itself, being tax related, is not one upon which I am qualified to speak at length, but it does illustrate a question which has been troubling me of late.

What is the most effective pressure group available to small businesses?

You would imagine that the Federation of Small Business would be the most obvious one; supported by small businesses and capable of acting as a conduit for their troubles and complaints.  But I know that many small business owners are reluctant to join it, even though the benefits which it has available appear to well outweigh the cost of membership.

Do they fulfil that function adequately?

They appear to have been comparatively quiet about this particular issue, although I could be doing them a disservice just because I have not seen anything.

One body that appears to have the ear of government and has very publicly got involved is Enterprise Nation, and this may be because they (it?) runs the Government Growth Voucher scheme on behalf of the government, and their leader appears to have the ear of Lord Young.

Can anybody tell me who they think fulfils this need?

I’d love to know – so that as a professional advisor to small business I should support that organisation by advising my clients to join and be active – a big task!

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