Have you come back refreshed, renewed, resolved and ready for the fight? (couldn’t think of any more appropriate adjectives starting with re… repressed and repulsed don’t quite hit the mark!)

If you have, it is the right time of year to think about doing something new or different, and I thought that the “2015 opportunities” blog in Enterprise Nation was rather appropriate  – https://www.enterprisenation.com/posts/the-four-greatest-opportunities-for-small-business-in-2015

In summary:

  1. Sell to big retailers,
  2. sell to government,
  3. go global, and
  4. get advice.

Enterprise Nation are an organisation which are worth following as they have some useful contacts and advice for small businesses.  Also they seem to have a good degree of political clout has Lord Young appears to be an admirer as well as the official government sponsor.  By referring you to their website and I will be reducing my options for future blogs because you will be reading the material already!

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