It appears to me that Politicians are doing a lot of ‘slamming’ of their own Government departments lately and the recent apparent attack is no different.

Are we really led to believe that Politicians and Government Departments act independently to each other? I think not!

The latest furore is surrounding HMRC’s proposals to take cash directly out of taxpayers accounts if the taxpayers owed more than £1,000. What we are talking about here is a department of the state having the right to access individuals bank accounts and take money without the account holders permission, without Judicial Process or Review, which completely goes against the 800 year old Magna Carta charter.

Forgetting that this strikes me as being unlawful, given the very recent string of errors that HMRC have admitted to, do we really want them accessing our accounts and taking money that might not be correctly due? I would suggest not!

HMRC have said that if this new law comes in to force, it would immediately target 17,000 accounts.

I say that if this new law comes in to force, it would be a catastrophe and potentially open the floodgates for other equally ludicrous laws.

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