You can choose from endless approaches to market your business today, websites, PPC, online display ads, print ads, workshops, webinars… to name only a few.

If you are like the majority of businesses that don’t have hundreds of millions of pounds to spend on brand/image-based advertising, you should be using a more direct-response marketing approach.

Direct Response is marketing designed to generate an immediate/direct response from consumers and your target audience, where each response or purchase can be measured and tracked back to individual advertisements to measure success and rates of response to help with future marketing.

The two main common ways to go about this type of marketing are:

  • An extremely targeted, one-shot approach to go for a sale or contact right away
  • A campaign designed with a specific intended follow-up

But which of these marketing options will drive more revenue and deliver greater profit to your business? Before we decide this let’s take a closer look at both of these options in a little more detail…


The Direct One-Shot Marketing Approach

Starting off with a clear understanding of what problem you are solving or where your product or service would be desired. You then find out who your ideal audience or customers are and you create a marketing piece to reach them. The form of this marketing piece could be a letter, email, postcard, online ad, social media marketing or print ad.

Your main goal here is to make sure that the audience you reach is the right one and they have a need and requirement for what you have to offer. You also need to ensure whatever is created is good enough to make whoever views it acts upon it in the desired way.

If you convey the right message and place it in front of the right audience, you will see a great return.


The Campaign Approach

The campaign approach starts off much like the direct one-shot approach in that you have to make sure you understand what problem you’re solving and how to reach the right audience, and you still need to create the ideal marketing piece to put in front of them, but that’s where the similarities end.

With the campaign approach, your initial goal isn’t to sell straight away. Your primary aim and goal is to get your key audience to engage with you so that you can send them marketing messages over a period of time and start a chain of contact to grow a relationship with them.

You might then send your contacts and leads a series of messages and marketing for several days or months or even longer.

The campaign approach is all about providing your ideal clients or customers with valuable and educational information that moves them from “being interested” to “ready to buy or engage and meet with you directly”

This approach won’t give you an instant flurry of sales, but your plan here is to generate sales over a period of time gaining a better understanding of what people want from you and how you can help them on a longer term basis.


Before even trying to get things started here there is a lot to do in terms of understanding your products or services and who may or want them, then understanding what they will want to know about you in order to be interested.

To ensure the success of any marketing you need a strategy and goals to ensure you know what you are doing and then are able to measure results to know if you have succeeded.

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