As small business owners, we are always looking for the next big customer, as they are our promise of prosperity in the future!  We invest in marketing which is targeted at getting to the right prospects, we point our salesman in the general direction of that mythical best customer and sit back and wait.

We often say that, in their position (ie our potential customers) we would certainly use our own money to invest in this product or service; ironically, the biggest potential customer we have is actually using our money – how else do you think that government is funded?

It is actually possible, and increasingly likely.

The government has committed to ensuring that 25% of spend is sourced through small business in the UK.  This may sound like a typical politician’s statement to try and get well thought of, whilst doing absolutely nothing to make it take effect in practice.  In fact the government is launching a website in the new year called “Contractsfinder” which is intended to do exactly what we would wish. 

And as the government’s spending in a typical year is approaching £230 billion a 25% share spread among the smallest businesses in the UK would make a significant difference to them!

There is a lot more information about this on the website run by Enterprise Nation, the organization which also organises government growth vouchers, and you can find the article which I have just quoted at

It’ll be great if it works, but I should also say that it is up to all of us to go there, get our share, and ensure that the government keeps its word.

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