A responsive website means having a website that is fully functional across all different platforms. Have you ever tried to load a page on your phone, only to find that it doesn’t fit the screen and you have to swipe left and right in order to read the entirety of the content?

That means the website isn’t responsive. A responsive website aims to provide an optimal viewing experience which makes the desired web page easy to read and navigate with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling, whether you’re using a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.

With so many devices for us to access the internet from nowadays, it’s fundamental for businesses to tackle their current website and turn it into something that can keep up with the current expected pace of 2015. If your website is between five to ten years old then it’s probably not as responsive as it could be and it’d be worth contacting a marketing and design agency, such as ourselves, to run a website audit.

Email campaigns are often a big part of an overall marketing campaign and have taken over from direct mailings. Having a responsive website when sending mass emails to your clients, contacts and targets is very important as you can’t guarantee what type of device your email will be picked up on. People will quickly lose interest in the most interesting of messages if they can’t read it easily, meaning your conversion rate will be low. People like and respond well to simplicity. If you make it difficult for someone to gain access to the information, then they just won’t bother.

A common problem with unresponsive websites is the amount of text and imagery that they contain. This doesn’t transpose well onto a mobile device. With a smaller screen size, it’s necessary to re-evaluate the content that is on the desk-top website. This will help a company deliver their message to a potential customer much quicker and give the consumer a reason to choose you above a competitor.

VMS Marketing Director, Paul Wood, has more to say on this topic in the below video:

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