I am really not surprised by this latest development surrounding the Inland Revenue’s ability to take money from peoples bank accounts. In fact, I wrote a blog about this very topic back on 30 July 2014, suggesting that such action was against the Magna Carta.

After much criticism about the initial proposal, George Osborne has now diluted the original plans whereby the Inland Revenue would be granted powers to take money out of people’s bank accounts if they were to owe the Treasury money.

The revised plans now require HMRC to conduct face-to-face meetings with debtors and those debtors will have the right to appeal to HMRC and through the courts.

Fundamentally, this is different power with the introduction of ‘Right of Appeal’.

Provided that this power is written in real legislation rather than just HMRC guidance, then I can see this as acceptable and wholly workable for the debtor taxpayer.

As with most things, the devil will be in the details but it certainly seems to be a move in the right direction.

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