When I first read about HMRC using Psychologists, I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t 1 April.

But it’s true!

It’s reported that Psychologists are helping HMRC to ‘Guilt’ people in to paying the correct amount of tax promptly.

Letters are being drafted and issued highlighting how the “great majority” of people pay their taxes on time and to stress the importance of paying the correct amount of tax so that public services such as the NHS can be funded.

Personally, I feel that if legislation was written so that people were clear on the amount of tax they are required to pay, then HMRC would not have to use these low tactics. It is very easy to moralise on matters such as tax, however, people's levels of morality is very subjective and therefore the very use of playing on people's morals is arguably immoral in itself.

I say, write better legislation, which is clear and transparent to all.

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