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May • Diary of Main Tax Events May & June 2018

May • DIARY Main Tax Events • April & May 2018 1st May: Corporation tax for year to 30/07/17 (unless quarterly payments apply) 19th May: PAYE & NIC deductions, and CIS return and tax, for month to 05/05/18. (due 22/05/18 if you pay electronically) 1st June:...

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May • CGT to be paid earlier on property disposals in 2020

May • #06 HMRC are consulting on the mechanism for collecting CGT on residential property disposals from April 2020, when the tax will be due within 30 days of completion. This will be instead of the normal payment date of 31 January following the end of the tax year...

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May • HMRC lose IR35 case

May • #04 In the February newsletter we reported the Tax Tribunal decision involving Christa Ackroyd Media Ltd, a company set up by a TV presenter to supply her services to the BBC, where it was held that the IR35 personal service company rules applied to the...

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May • Tax advantage of EMI share option schemes lapse

May • #02 HMRC have advised companies to consider delaying the grant of Enterprise Management Incentive (“EMI”) share options until fresh State Aid approval has been granted by the EU. As the UK Government were late in applying for an extension (12 months’ notice is...

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