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August • Ask Alexa to contact HMRC for help

August • #07 ASK ALEXA TO CONTACT HMRC FOR HELP HMRC has launched new and innovative technology to help more than 3 million customers renew their tax credits. HMRC has developed a customer-focused service through Amazon Alexa specifically for those seeking help with...

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August • Welsh income tax starts 6th April 2019

August • #06 WELSH INCOME TAX STARTS 6 APRIL 2019 From 6 April 2019, the Welsh Government (like the Scottish Government) will be able to set and vary the rate of Income Tax paid by Taxpayers who live in Wales. As in Scotland the system will be administered by HMRC....

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August • Spreading the 2019 loan charge

August • #04 SPREADING THE 2019 LOAN CHARGE Last month we alerted you to the requirement to register with HMRC by 30 September 2018 in order to settle on preferential terms before the outstanding loan charge arises on 5 April 2019. This new tax charge applies to any...

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August • Rule for “Rent a Room” relief to be tightened

August • #03 RULES FOR “RENT A ROOM” RELIEF TO BE TIGHTENED UP FROM 6 APRIL 2019 HMRC propose to restrict the availability of “rent a room” relief to situations where the taxpayer is living in the let property for at least some of the time that the accommodation is...

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August • Use of spreadsheets in preparing VAT returns

August • #02 USE OF SPREADSHEETS IN PREPARING VAT RETURNS Example 3 in the VAT Notice describes a business that uses a spreadsheet and bridging software from April 2019, which allows the information to be transferred to HMRC via an API.  It uses a spreadsheet to...

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